Frequently Asked Questions:

Q What file format does DigiScribe-XL use to store dictation?
A Telephone industry standard Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM). Q How many MB do you need for one hour of recording? A 14.4 MB per hour of recorded voice.

Q Can DigiScribe-XL interface with Dictaphone or Lanier?
A Yes, Crescendo provides a number of interfacing options.

Q Can information from DigiScribe-XL or MedRite-XL be exported into Access or Excel?
A Yes, Crescendo provides a number of interfacing options.

Q Does DigiScribe-XL come with online help?
A Yes, DigiScribe-XL is equipped with an online help (by pressing the Ctrl F1 key) and a manual in electronic form which can be printed by the client.

Q I received an error message during the installation "not enough disk space".
A When running the installation, temporary files are always placed on the C drive. You must ensure that your C drive has 100 MB of free space before installing.

Q I received a "transfer error" during the update.
A This error is caused by stopping the update installation at a particular point and then restarting it. What happened is that it deleted the cscsysio.dll file. You need to copy the dll from the root directory of the CD-ROM drive and place it in the WinNTSystem32 directory.

Q When starting the dictation application I receive the message "the license for the product has expired".
A If you are not running a demonstration version of the software, verify that the Dialogic services have started.

» DigiDictate-PC
Q When I click on "new dictation" I receive an error message: "no prompts configured".
A In your Author profile in DigiConsole, uncheck the "Inherit previous level" and make sure that you have a prompt sequence.

Q When I click on EOL on my SpeechMike, my current dictation doesn't get signed off.
A In the Tools/Preferences/Signoff folder select the Always Complete option. This will sign off every dictation that you do whenever you press on EOL.

Q How do I automatically prioritize a dictation without having to click on the priority key?
A Click on the Shift EOL key on your SpeechMike (Shift is the small button next to the Trigger button in the back of the SpeechMike).

Q How do I stop DigiDictate-PC from minimizing every time I start a new dictation?
A Go to Tools/Preferences/Player folder and uncheck the Auto-minimize option.

» DigiPlayer-IP
Q When starting DigiPlayer-IP I receive a message "cannot locate the .vxd".
A Ensure that you have installed the Crescendo sound card and that the correct drivers are being used. These should be the only sound card drivers showing in the Windows Device Manager. If you still receive this message, restart the computer in Safe mode to see if there are any other additional sound card drivers. 

» MedRite-XL

Q After I start the MedRite-XL application, I receive a template error -3.
A When running the installation, the location of the network files was not specified. Therefore, when starting the application the system does not know where they are. To correct this problem verify that the ini file is pointing to the location of the templates and if so, verify that the ODBC entry is also pointing to the correct location.

Q I received a "failed to log in" error message when trying to start the transcription application.
A This error is caused by the user trying to log into the transcription application without properly being set up. A Supervisor login cannot be used. The Transcriptionist must be set up as a network Transcriptionist.

Q When logging into the transcription application, I receive a "template not found" error.
A This is seen on any new system where there are no templates created. You must set them up before using the Transcription application.

Q The system seems to close off after I have tried logging on.
A This is normal and done for security reasons. If you have tried to log on and have made mistakes, the system will automatically close after the third try.

Q I received an "Application Error" message when trying to create templates.
A The error is caused by not having Microsoft Word installed on that station.

Q MedRite-XL has a customized tool bar. Is the option to customize your own tool bar still available?
A The Supervisor has all the features available to them. The tool bar is 100% customizable. In addition, the Supervisor has all the options of the MedRite-XL tool bar. The Transcriptionist, however, may have some of the features removed as they are not necessary while transcribing.

Q How many MB does MedRite-XL occupy once you have a full database?
A The average is 20 MB, but this can definitely vary.

Q Can the MedRite-XL glossary be invoked after a period or comma?
A Yes, the glossary shortcuts are invoked after any type of punctuation mark. MedRite-XL also lets the Supervisor set up whether the glossary will be invoked after one space bar or two.

Q Do the MedRite-XL fields follow the HL7 standard?
A Yes, all fields follow the HL7 standard.

Q How many Supervisors can be set up on MedRite-XL at the same time?
A An unlimited amount.