Crescendo Solutions for Healthcare

Forget documentation workflow, spend more time with patients.

The Crescendo suite of software solutions was designed to address all the steps involved in the fast and cost-effective creation of medical reports. More than 2,000 medical installations in North America are already benefiting from dramatic cost savings and workflow improvements while achieving efficient multi-site and cross-system integrations. See how Crescendo solutions can help you take a giant step towards a healthy work environment and the creation of the electronic patient record:

» Go total or go partial

  • If you are looking for an integrated digital dictation, speech recognition, transcription, workflow management and distribution platform, Crescendo is what you are looking for. From real-time voice capture to electronic signature, the Crescendo platform is the healthcare professionals' choice for the efficient management of intensive documentation workflows.
  • Already have a digital dictation or transcription system from another vendor? Simply shopping for a speech processing solution? All Crescendo software solutions were also designed to meet any situation or budget, so you can select the Crescendo modules that you require and eventually add more should your needs grow.

» Integration
True products of open source technology, all Crescendo solutions have the ability to integrate easily and seamlessly with your existing systems and digital devices - no matter the vendor. This allows you to achieve dramatic cost savings on equipment while leveraging existing resources, both infrastructure and human (IS/Help Desk).

» Speed and Security
To date, Crescendo is the only vendor offering IP-based workflow management technology. Understand why the Crescendo Wide Area Service provides the fastest and most reliable answer when it comes to sharing sensitive data among individuals, Departments and cross-regional locations in full compliance with HIPAA/PIPEDA requirements.