Crescendo Solutions for the
Law Enforcement Sector

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More About Our Law Enforcement Systems:

Crescendo Solutions for the Law Enforcement Sector
Speech: the fastest means of reporting cases

Dictating crime or incident details only takes a fraction of the time it would take officers to hand write or type them. This is why more and more police departments are taking advantage of digital dictation technology to free officers from paperwork hassles and thereby allow them to better focus on their case loads.

Thanks to its advanced workflow logic and the wide range of input devices it supports, DigiScribe-XL Digital Dictation allows officers to dictate their reports directly from the crime/incident scene. They can thereby stay available for service while filing their reports instead of having to run in and out of the department for paperwork purposes.

Click on the following modules to see how Crescendo helps you manage every step of the documentation workflow.

Documentation Workflow
Advanced Workflow Management

With the Management Console (DigiConsole), the Supervisor can control all system parameters while seamlessly managing the job routing and prioritization process as per any criteria.

Those facilities equipped with the Crescendo Wide Area Service are guaranteed optimal speed and security. This unique voice streaming technology indeed determines the fastest method for sending files to the central system, eliminating bandwidth-intensive methods such as FTP, e-mail or file copying. Dictations, whether completed in the office or on the go, are immediately made available for transcription. CWAS also stores all data centrally, ensuring that no file is ever stored on the local PC for confidentiality purposes.

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